Baubax Travel Jacket


You may be looking at this post and thinking, “a jacket, what is so special about that?” Well, this is a very special jacket. It is the most heavily crowdfunded piece of clothing in crowdfunding history. Over 55,000 backers helped to fund this jackets making. Why were so many people interested in it? It not only looks great and is comfortable but it has 15 interesting and helpful features.

One of the coolest features is an inflatable neck pillow. It hides in the hood of the jacket and will inflate in two seconds. It deflates in one second with the push of a button. This makes it ideal for long trips in the car, by train or airplane! There is also an eye cover hidden in the hood that you can pull down over your eyes for better sleeping.

Another interesting feature is a neoprene lined drink pocket to keep your drinks hot or cold! Techies will love the jacket for it’s ten inch tablet pocket and it’s water-resistant pocket for smartphones. There is also a pocket for a charger! Other features include a zipper that also serves as a pen and/or a stylus, earphone holders, a blanket pocket, fleece lined hand warming pockets, gloves that hide inside the sleeves, a sunglasses pocket and a tucked away micro-fiber cloth to wipe off sunglasses.

CNN Money called the Baubax Travel Jacket “The swiss-army knife of travel wear”!

The jacket is made from high quality materials and comes in many different colors. There are styles for men and for women.

The Baubax startup was founded by Yoganshi Shah and her husband Hiral Sanghavi. It all started when Yoganshi noticed that Hiral was always forgetting his neck pillow when going on trips. They designed the jacket to be comfortable and functional. Everything needed to be in the right place so items could be easily accessible. They wanted to provide a piece of clothing that helps people take care of everyday problems. They got their project started with the help of Kickstarter.

Click here to learn more and to order!




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