Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser


Want to get draft beer flavor, texture and aroma out of your bottle or can beer? This is what you need! The Fizzics Waytap personal beer dispenser uses digital, fluid and sound technology to give you the ultimate draft beer experience. Start by putting your beer can or bottle into the Waytap. Put the draft tube into the beer in your bottle or can. Close and seal the system. This pressurizes the system and you are ready to pour. Pull the handle forward and the body of your beer will pour while remaining pressurized, which keeps most of the carbonation in the beer. The flow is controlled digitally. Then push the handle backwards. This begins sonification, which uses sound waves to give you a smooth, creamy head to your glass or mug of beer. Sonification makes the foam consist if tiny, compacted,  uniform sized bubbles. The Fizzics Waytap provides the full flavor of beer, enhancing it and bringing out its freshness. It is a must have for any beer enthusiast!

The Waytap is a portable device and works with any 12 ounce bottle or 12 to 25 ounce can. It works with India pale ales, brown ales, lagers, pilsners, stouts, porters and whatever else you might have! It doesn’t use any gas or chemicals. You need no additional parts but you will need four AA batteries.

Fizzics was founded by Phil Petracca and David McDonald. The basic idea for the Waytap came to him while pondering the simple question, “why does beer taste so good fresh from the brewers tap, but doesn’t taste nearly as good from a can, bottle or growler?” Soon they had a prototype and launched it with Kickstarter. Their goal in making this product was to provide beer drinkers with complete control beer draft process and to provide a new dimension in the beer drinking experience.

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