Soma Sustainable Pitcher and Plant Based Water Filter


Yes, there are many water filters on the market today. However, most of them are made of harmful plastics! These plastics can be harmful to the user and once they need to be thrown away are harmful to the environment.

The Soma Sustainable water pitcher and its plant-based water filters are the product of re-thinking water filtration! The pitcher is made of BPA free plastic. BPA is the main ingredient in polycarbonate plastic. This is the kind of plastic used to make many water bottles as well as a variety of other plastic products. BPA has been linked to many health problems like cancer, reduced fertility, birth defects and diabetes. Why drink your water from a pitcher made of a product that could cause these problems? With the Soma pitcher you can drink water without worry!

Soma filters are made from coconut shell carbon and have a plant-based casing. The filters remove chlorine from your water. This makes the water more healthy for you and also more crisp, refreshing and great tasting! Each filter is good for 40 gallons of water. Soma has partnered with the non-profit charity called charity: water. With every purchase of Soma water filters clean drinking water is provided for people in need.

The pitcher is shatterproof and features a handle made of sustainable white oak. The handle was a challenge to have made. It involved lots of research to find a supplier who was committed to sustainable practices. The pitcher is made to hold ten cups of water. It is made to be easy to fill and also easy to pour from. The Soma founder, Mike DelPonte started thinking about designing a new kind of water filtering pitcher when the lid on his old pitcher fell off and spilt water all over his table at a dinner party.

Sustainability was a very important factor for Mike. His thinking was, and still is, that polluting water while making a product to enhance water doesn’t make sense. Mike believes that clean water is a human right. That’s why his company proudly sponsors charity: water. He has made a company that is devoted to clean water and wants to help find solutions to the global water crisis.

Soma got it’s start through Kickstarter!

Get your Soma Sustainable Water Pitcher and Plant Based Water Filter here!


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