Bragi’s The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones


There are many types of wireless earbuds on the market today but none are like Bragi’s The Dash Earphones! Bragi has combined wireless sound with music storage, biometric tracking technology, noise cancellation and audio transparency to make the ultimate earbuds! They can be used by themselves or with your smartphone to listen, track or communicate.

The Dash’s bilateral armature speakers have a 4GB music player built in. Without any other device you can listen to your favorite music and have complete freedom of movement. the 4GB music player has 3.5GB open for storage which is enough room to store about 1000 songs. You can also use the Dash with your Bluetooth enabled device to listen to music.

These earbuds use smart biometric tracking to provide feedback on your heart rate, steps you have taken and the duration of your activity. Watch for updates! Bragi plans on providing more sensory tracking features.

Calls can even be answered with the Dash earphones. They have two environmental microphones that filter your voice so that outside sounds are cancelled. Just tap on the side to answer a call! The microphones provide passive noise cancellation working to cancel outside sound or allowing you to listen to sounds in your environment. This is controlled by swiping the left Dash with your finger.


The Dash earphones are made to be comfortable. They come with sets of fit sleeves to ensure that your earphones will be comfortable and stay in place in your ears. Choose between extra small, small, medium or large! The Perfect Fit sleeves were developed with comfort in mind after researching three dimensional images of hundreds of people’s ears.Each size has its own shape, developed for comfort and security. The fit sleeves are made with water repellant nano coated silicone. The Dash earphones themselves are waterproof to one meter below surface.

Bragi’s earphones feature a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which is made with no lead, mercury or cadmium. The battery can be charged on the go using its charging dock. The battery will be good for three hours of playtime between charges. With the charging dock you can recharge five times.

There is also the Bragi app which expands on the capabilities of the Dash earphones. There is a quick start guide and after setup you’ll be able to customize your settings. With the app you can adjust volume or other settings by remote. Through the app you can contact Bragi, access the Dash user manual, or set up a Bragi user profile.

Nikolaj Hviid is the founder of Bragi. He wanted to make earbuds that would not only tune out the world around users. The Dash was made to provide users with an opportunity to enrich communication with the outside world. The earphones give you the information, or the entertainment that you need when you need it, just like a helpful person.




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