TubShroom Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector


Having clogged drains is a problem for everyone who has hair. This simple creation eliminates that problem. Yes, there are other drain filters but this one works perfectly. All you have to do is place TubShroom in your drain. While you shower it catches all the hair, allowing water to drain freely. No matter how short or long the hair is TubShroom catches it. There is no visible hair caught in TubShroom. The hair gets neatly trapped on the bottom lip, where it can’t be seen. Hair doesn’t get tangled in TubShroom, so it is easy to clean. The hair wraps around the bottom lip with the flow of the water. TubShroom can go weeks without cleaning but when you are ready to clean it just wipe it off and cleanup is done!

I like this product because it eliminates the need for harmful drain cleaners. These kind of cleaners are hard on your drain pipes and also harmful to the environment. If you’ve ever spent time fishing hair out of a drain you know how gross and time-consuming it is. With TubShroom you can say goodby to hair fishing! Also no more paying a plumber to come unclog your drains.

TubShroom is made of industrial strength silicone that will maintain its integrity for at least a decade.TubShroom fits in standard bathtub drains that are 1.5″ in diameter. It comes in five different colors.

Elena Karnegie is the inventor of TubShroom. Clogged tub drains were a problem for her and her husband, both of whom have long hair. After years of brainstorming she came up with the design and made their device. It worked great, eliminating drain problems for her and her friends. She submitted the design for crowdfunding and the response was overwhelming. Elena was able to put TubShroom on the market and now it is a best seller at Amazon.

Get your TubShroom here!




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